We want to announce the winners of our Alley Mural Project! 

***Drum Roll Please***

Congratulations to…  Fernando Caldera  Thomas Stergeon  Ricardo Martinez

Fernando’s design is a tribune to the end of an awesome summer with a portrait of mother nature in bright colors.

Thomas was experimenting with cartoons posing as letters and then Batman came to his mind after listening to the news of the Colorado victims.

Ricardo’s design is inspired by caillou, he put a little twist on this cartoon character and made it his own!

We had many amazing entries which made it difficult for us to chose just two so we are having 3 wonderful murals this year! Don’t be sad if your design wasn’t chosen, we will be having other opportunities for you to showcase your beautiful work! 

Thank You so much to everyone that submitted a design 

Ruben Barba, Claudia Rangel, Bianca Santoyo, Christine Lara, Jesus Meza, Engelbert Guzman, Quanto Fisik, Aaron Arreguin, and Eric Ortiz! 


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