a crew.

a crew.


Vanessa Sanchez, Director  |  vsanchez@nationalmuseumofmexicanart.org

DA BOSS! She’s been at Yollo forever. Vanessa climbed the Yollo ladder from intern to director. When she’s not busy doing important director stuff she hopes to score some Radiohead tickets, or book them for Villapalooza Music Festival (because she also runs that like a boss). Ask her about her love for cats, RuPaul’s Drag Race, and fancy nails.
Fun Fact: She has a cat named Kitty Sparkle Cheetah.

Hananne Hanafi, Programs Coordinator    |  hananne@nationalmuseumofmexicanart.org

Hananne is the freshest of the Yollo crew. So fresh she buys 3 pairs of the same shoe (different colors). You can catch her wearing her Gucci crewneck on her “casual” days. Maybe she’s really into fashion because she lived in Europe (Spain). Aside from being fresh dressed, she is the Programs Coordinator here at Yollo and keeps our programs running smoothly throughout the year.
Fun fact: She is a badminton champion (For real. Ask her about shuttlecocks)!

Whitney Ross, Youth Development Advisor  |  whitney@nationalmuseumofmexicanart.org

Whitney, the Photoshop Guru, has worked at yollo since November 2010. She is affectionately known as “mom” among Yollocalli students, especially those in the Youth Council. She is also known as mom by her two kids (Shout out to Pudge and lil T). She is the Youth Development Advisor, hates Kanye, and recently became a suburbanite.  She’s still cool though.
Fun fact: She has a list of band names she comes up with in her notebook.

Alejandro Colunga, Administrative Assistant  |  yollocalli@nationalmuseumofmexicanart.org

Everyone’s favorite intern!  Alex started as a student in 2013 (which means this bebe has been a Yo for over a quarter of his life!)  He moved in during the summer of 2017 when he TA-ed, painted murals, ran youth council, and slept on the couch. The only thing that makes this sad boi happy is a giant sushi burrito and a chance to paint on a wall.  Help him out with either and he’ll love you forever.
Fun fact: He can play 5 instruments, speak 3 languages, and make tortillas from scratch- mom approved!


Todd Diederich, Camera Flux

Todd! The Toddfather. Toddy Bear.  Our Worshipful Master, thrifting champion and king of conspiracies. Todd has been with Yollo for over 6 years and is super devoted to his students and their work. If you ever catch Todd when he’s not busy running class or documenting the life of Naomi Smalls, then maybe you can ask him about the Kardashians, Egyptology, music videos, fashion, anything really. Just talk to him!
Fun fact: He can make spit bubbles on demand!

Rocio Urbano, Street Art Studio / Young Run Chi

Rocio has quickly rose the Yollo ranks.  She teaches the Street Art program during the school year and our Young Run Chi class during the summer.  She loves making crazy smoothies, she’s traveled to China for a sculpture project, she paints.  She has a tattoo honoring her doggo Mango.  
Fun fact: She has been Hanannes bffflllll since HS, ask to see their old pics!

Stephanie Manriquez, Your Story, Your Way (Audio & Radio Production)

Oh, Steph. A perfectionist. She has built the radio program and made it what it is today. Steph has remained loyal to both Yollo and her students since her beginning with RadioArte. You can catch her running around chicago on her days off (she’s training for the marathon!), or DJing at various locations throughout the city.
Fun fact: Her cat looks like Cantinflas

Charly Garcia, La Mesita

Charly is the king of visual and audio production. He has collaborated with some cool musicians across the Americas often doing visuals for their sets, and he is often bringing cool and exciting people to Yollo like visual artist Rimiyoho. Charly is also a founder/member of the Chicago based DJ collective Sonorama.

Gerardo Salgado, Your Story, Your Way

Steph’s right hand man, Gerry has blossomed from a sprout into a beautiful rose. He now teaches his own group of audio production students. He has written for Contratiempo, loves covering music fests, and can be seen biking around with his bff Diego.
Fun Fact: He’s 10 years away from luscious hair like Diego.

Sarita Garcia, Yollo Lab (textile arts and screen printing)

SARITA!!! EVERYONES FAVEEEE!! Sarita has been around the YO’s for a couple years now. She interned with us over the summer a couple years back and is now ½ of the Yollo Factory squad alongside her boo Joe. Catch her screen printing or walking around with her new dog Flor (she’s adorable).
Fun fact: She hails from the great town of San Antonio, Texas.

Joseph Mora, Yollo Lab (book making)

Ahhh Joe… Another lovely Yollo baby. Joe started off with us in the late 2000s and was a member of our very first Youth Council. He has since graduated from SAIC earning his BFA and is now teaching art at his former high school St Laurence. Fortunately for us, this guy loves art so much he is now also co-teaching @ YOLLO FACTORY with his boo Sarita!
Fun fact: Ask him about paper airplanes.