Some of our new participants of Your Story, Your Way program! Get to know them!

Gerardo Salgado
A modest person who loves to read graphic novels, plays video games, and listen to a variety of music. Look forward to produce, and network with local programs. Formerly attended Sports 37 through After School Matters.

Brian Cruz
He really loves art and music. In his free time plays guitar and reads suspense and action books, he doesn’t like non-fiction books. Technology is one of the things he wants to master, for example: website designs, 3D models, audio edit and much more. He also enjoys culture, but not just any culture; he loves his culture, the Mexican Culture! **Kilroy was here by the way!!

Edwin Gomez
He is young writer and storyteller. He is becoming an audio and radio producer from his music passion. Also, in his free time he works as an Event Organizer.

Emmanuel Ramirez
Emmanuel enjoys art and interacting with people. He likes to think of himself as a very fun and loud person. He really enjoys being in Yollocalli, and would like to have many more great opportunities like this in his life.

Carlos Vela
A young creative video and audio producer. He cares about his community “Little Village”. And always try to stay away of trouble although he never succeeds on it!! He believes in building a better neighborhoods with no violence!! So… Let’s stop the violence!!

Adilene Salgado
She is a teenager and a Yollocalli Arts Reach student. Her focus is on the digital arts, video and photo editor and audio production. She considers herself a journalist and photographer.

Bianca Bautista
Bianca Bautista es una joven latina, sus mayores intereses en la vida son su educación en la rama de comunicación. Le encanta y disfruta charlar con otras personas y robarles sonrisas. “Me encanta esa gente alegre con alta dosis de locura y conciencia tranquila.”

Marissa Ryals
An aspiring artist and author, whose inspiration varies. Also, she enjoys anything under the art category. Everything knows so far is self-taught. She also likes to bake and read.

Merlin Valenzuela
Her interests are finding out about others and her education. When she has time available she loves to draw and listen to music, as well as talking to her grandma about her old times.

Jose Rodriguez
He loves to draw and make youtube videos, shopping and go for walks. He also enjoys to do challenging things and show what he can do it. A nintendo aficionado, his favorite game is The Legend Of Zelda by Shutoro Mitamoto and he hopes to become a gamer someday.

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