Meet the new voices of our Difusión Program

“Journalism: Digital Media Storytelling”

Alejandra Dueñas

I have been known as “Alex” for the past 19 years. Throughout the time of this coursed, I’ve migrated and assimilated to different cultures and attitudes, which has forced me to view the world in very unique ways. 

As I currently reside in the Windy City I walk through the streets of Little Village reminiscing memories from my homeland of Michoacan. i take my pencil and I create what my mind visualizes, resulting with images of where I stand now and of where I once belonged.

Pamela Lara

I have been fond of many things, one of these things is by the way people speak and interact with the world. In order to understand others and myself around me my technique has usually been by writing down a thought and or a vision. Being hands on in my spare time has always involved creating something tangible such as creating bracelets to painting my materials if I ever thought it required a touch.  I’m always looking forward to learning something new everyday and by doing that progressively I look forward to leading my path.  

Zitlalli Paez

Hi, my name is Zitlalli Paez and I am a girl, living in the 3rd biggest city in America, on her journey to find her passion. I enjoy many things such as art, music, soccer, and crime. I want to do something big in this world. Something that will make people know my name and be someone that people can look up to.

Adriana Antunez

My name is Adriana Antunez. I am born in Chicago but raised in Cicero until I went to high school. Now i am a shy but creative Chicana who’s everyday life is a series of adventures.

Kyle Williams

My name is Kyle Williams, and I am 14 years old. I love music and I am a sports fanatic. I love baseball, football, and soccer. I love to write about sports, and get better at my writing. My dream is to someday write for a major sports company.

Veronica Ruiz

My name is Veronica. I’m a quiet, shy girl who is guarded but very open minded and enjoys reading and writing. Some of my hobbies include playing soccer, listening to music, and reading. Something I’m truly passionate about is writing, I would like to be an author or journalist when I grow up. Most of all, I want to travel all around the world and meet all different kinds of people.

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