Meet the new voices of our Difusión Program

“Narrating What’s up!!”

Yajaira Quiñones

Cute, cute, cute and bloody! Yajaira loves writing cute things with a twist! She likes to be called Nepeta or Ms. Creator. Writing is her favorite thing in the world, but she also likes drawing, making voices and baking!

Jovan Gonzalez

An Anime, Nintendo, Video game, Miiverse and Sleeping fanatic that loves expressing his opinions and blogging. No matter how much backlash he will get. Jo-Kai is a creative writer that takes tropes and cliches of fictional stories and gives them a little twist. He also reviews video games and posts, some of his creative works when he feels like it, and is happy to reblog video game and art related posts.

Joseph Mora

He is better known as Joe or Joemama and loves to eat burgers, pizza, and burritos. He does not enjoy long walks in the beach or anything related to it because sand can get in places where not supposed to be in like in his (sand)wich, bookbag, or his phone. Loving to think he is an “artist” and having a background in painting, drawing and teaching art, Joe is currently exploring his curious artistic drive is sound. 

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