Here are some our studnets for our Summer Class 2016 “Your Story, Your Way” and their favorite object. Stay tuned for our summer content 🙂

Aurora Bautista

So, I’m Aurora and I find makeup as a way of expressing myself to my friends, family, and the rest of the world! I gain my knowledge by watching makeup tutorials on Youtube to help open up my mind to other things, like different styles, challenging my creativity and….gaining self confidence.
When I’m older I’m pretty sure I’d like to be a zoologist, why? Because I LOVE animals. Some other things that I like to do is draw, watch movies, and tv shows. But my favorite are Disney movies, I never get tired of watching them over, and over. Coffee and tea are something I can’t live without and I need it to keep going. My special object is a key chain that my elementary school art teacher gave to me after coming back from a vacation from Guadalajara. The reason it is so special to me is because she is like a rolemodel to me. She inspires me in a way that she always tells me to take a risk and try new things. She helps me learn new things from different parts of the world. She recently gave me a keychain and a necklace from her trip to Hawaii, which was her third time being there, and that makes me want to venture to new places and do different things. That is why I signed up at Yollocalli, to experience something I’ve never thought of trying. So that’s me the aspiring zoologist, Netflix addict, growing artist, upcoming MUA, and Starbucks enthusiast.

Emmanuel Ramirez

Hello there! My name is Emmanuel, and this is my story:
(Law and Order, “Don Don” sound)

I was just another typical boring 11 year old in his natural habitat, until I walked into a life changed organization for the youth named Yollocalli!. From there, my constant talking and poppy attitude lead me to a very magical studio prediction called “Your Story, Your Way”. I learned so many amazing skills from so many amazing people. Now, I feel like I can say what I wanna say and express myself in ways I haven’t before, that make me feel confident in the person that I am. A very special item that I carry with me everywhere I go is a pizza necklace. This item is very important to me because since I have attended the same school from k
kindergarten till now, going to 8th grade, I’ve known most of the same people my whole life. Some of them have grown up to be some of my best friends, even till today, and have become great influences in my life. So, since we will eventually be leaving soon, I wanted to leave a little part of me with them in their lives, and so that I have something to remember them in my everyday life. So…. Yeah! My name is Emmanuel Ramirez, and this is the person that I am here, in Yollocalli.

Carolina Malagon

Aloha, I’m Carolina Malagon. “Who am I?” is a question i ask everyday. The question seems unanswered for years…until now.
I live in a box filled with what represents me. I am a tube of lipstick. My mood represents my color. Carolina can be hotpink one day and burgundy the next. Carolina is art. I am a masterpiece for shades as black as the night, or colorful as the spring season.

Lizette Tapetillo

My name is Lizette Tapetillo, (with a Z and not an S) and I am proud to say that i am Mexican-American. I am the type of person who loves to visit new places. I believe that meeting new people and places allows a person to become open minded. I think that we live in a society that constantly needs to be reminded about self-worth, and the importance of surrounding yourself with positive people. I constantly need people to push me to become a better version of myself; someone that always helps me with issues is my role model, Commander Laufenberg. He is my NJROTC instructor and he always pushes me to think outside the box. Thanks to him, I was able to visit New Orleans this year in which was a wonderful opportunity. I love photography, wherever I go I am always taking pictures. I believe that capturing a moment in time with a simple image can be so meaningful. It gives you the power to go back and revisit that specific moment. Another thing that is important as photography, is my necklace. I always have my necklace because it reminds me of home. My necklace was a gift from my Godmother which i truly appreciate because it gives me hope. The necklace is shaped like an oval and in the inside it has a pair of praying hands which is a constant reminder to not give up when life gets hard. Without my necklace i feel incomplete which is why I never leave the house without it. I am currently on a journey to discover who I want to become in life and I look forward to all the experiences that are on the road ahead.

Gerardo Salgado

Hello, my name is Gerardo Salgado, many of my friend call me Gerry. I like to view things with an open mind. I love meeting people and getting to know who they are, and all the wonderful adventures they’ve been in. I love graphic novels, films, and music. I watch a lot of movies, at least every night I watch an old film or go to the theaters. I picked headphones, since I’m always watching films or listening to music on my spare time. I also love films with a good film score! So afterall, I would to score a film one day.

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