Chicago Slices and Media Breaker

Chicago Slices and Media Breaker

Chicago Slices and Media Breaker

Our Chicago Slices Teacher Cohort met us at the National Museum of Mexican Art in November and received professional development from our partners at The LAMP. Teachers explored the MediaBreaker/Studios as a learning tool for the development of critical thinking and media literacy skills.

MediaBreaker/Studios ( is an online platform designed to create learning experiences around the MediaBreaker video editing tool. This tool allows users to upload and edit any video they choose (archival footage, commercials, news clips, music videos). By adding text, editing and remixing video and audio, users can insert their ideas and perspectives to challenge media messages or make a critical argument. MediaBreaker/Studios is designed to use copyrighted media and to explore Fair Use. MediaBreaker/Studios allows educators to craft unique, interactive learning experiences while also creating a safe space for students to engage with and respond to media.

Jules Beesley from The LAMP led a great discussion on critically analyzing media. Using an ad from a toy store as an example, the teachers discussed capitalism, gender roles, and propaganda. After the discussion, the teachers learned how to use the MediaBreaker/Studios to remix videos about the 2016 election. This introduction to MediaBreaker/Studios allowed the teachers to get a better sense of how to use digital media in the classroom, and also how to lead a discussion about analyzing the media they see everyday. Besides sharing how to use MediaBreaker/Studios, the teachers received some great worksheets to use for their classrooms to help
prepare their students for future lessons.

We are grateful for The LAMP flying out to Chicago to share this great resource to our teachers.

For more info about The LAMP and the MediaBreaker/Studios, contact Jules Beesley, Education Director, The LAMP


Chicago Slices is funded byThe Hive Chicago Fund for Connected Learning (Fund) at The Chicago Community Trust.

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