What We Do

What We Do

yo∙llo∙call∙i   yō-lō-KÄ-lee

from the Aztec language, Nahuatl :   yolotl (heart) + kalli (house)
Yollocalli Arts Reach is the award-winning youth initiative of the National Museum of Mexican Art, we offer FREE arts and culture programming to teens and young adults.

Located in the heart of Chicago’s Little Village neighborhood, we serve as an open community center with studio spaces, computer lab, radio production studio, a large art library, and a creative, supportive staff who are always around to help, encourage, and inspire. We aim to strengthen the students’ creative and cultural capital by engaging them with their own cultural discourses through art making.

Yollocalli is thankful for all its funders and supporters including The City of Chicago Department of Family and Support Services, After School Matters, McCormick Foundation, Chicago Community Trust Hive Chicago Fund, Illinois Arts Council Agency Summer Youth Employment in the Arts, Elizabeth Morse Genius Charitable Trust, Chicago Park District’s Night Out in the Parks, and Farm Butcher Table.

Yollocalli is a proud member of Chicago Youth Voices Networks.