Chicago Slices Content PD

Chicago Slices Content PD

The Chicago Slices Teacher Cohort visited Mediaburn for their 3rd professional development workshop, focused on content. We wanted the teachers to understand why Mediaburn was created, what is in the collection, ways of searching in their collection, and brainstorm what content they hope to focus on with their students in the classroom. Sara Chapman, Executive Director of Mediaburn, went over the various topics of videos in their collection, including immigration, Chicago, and Studs Terkel.

After learning more about Mediaburn, the teacher cohort viewed videos on immigration that were used by Paula Santos, Teacher and Student Program Coordinator of the NMMA, to create a remixed video using Mediabreaker. Scenes from a documentary about the 1991 Visa Lottery, immigrants waiting in line at the NYC immigration office, and a tutorial about becoming a US citizen were remixed on Mediabreaker to create new context to the topic.

The teacher cohort worked on brainstorming what content they will be using in the classroom. From heroes to marginalized communities, we are excited to work with them at the final PD to complete their lesson plans.

Chicago Slices is funded byThe Hive Chicago Fund for Connected Learning (Fund) at The Chicago Community Trust.

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