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Chill Set- Teen Night at the NMMA

SAVE THE DATE for TEEN NIGHT at the National Museum of Mexican Art! ** FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 11** * * * * * * * 6-10 pm * * * * * * * NATIONAL MUSEUM OF MEXICAN ART 1852 W 19th Street PILSEN! (just a few blocks from the 18th Street Pink Line) * * […]

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Color Water Fight! ☔️

Saturday, July 30th, at 1pm sharp  – get soaked in colored water and have the best summer of your life. It’s our 2nd annual massive water balloon fight! Come in light-colored clothing, battle it out with dye-filled water balloons, and leave in a rainbow of colors! *** WARNING: Balloons contain dye! Clothes will be PERMANENTLY […]

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