SPRING 2017 begins FEBRUARY 21st – Join the MADNESS!

Camera Flux- Framing the City with Photo & Video
Re-envision your home, communities and city by recreating personal or fictional stories through photography and video with the guidance of a local artist, who creates work for VICE, Chicago Reader, and MTV. Tuesday and Wednesday from 4pm to 7:30pm. Ends May 10, 2017.   APPLY HERE

Street Art Studio- Visual Art/Mural
Explore a variety of street art styles and artists, such as OBEY, Goon and Swoon. Learn the history of graffiti and create your own style through wheat pasting, sticker making, installations and mural making. Monday and Tuesday from 4pm to 7:30pm. Ends May 9, 2017.  APPLY HERE

Your Story, Your Way- Journalism and Radio Production
Have something to say? Produce your own audio story, become an indie reporter, learn audio & radio production, and hear yourself LIVE on the radio! Friday 4pm-7pm, Saturday 10am-2pm. Ends May 12, 2017.  APPLY BELOW

Youth Council
The Yollocalli Youth Council is an opportunity for youth to play an instrumental part in the development of classes, workshops, and special events for young people at Yollo. The council works to brainstorm and plan workshops, special events, and parties, plus they play a key part in course and teaching artist selection. Join us at Yollocalli on Fridays every week from 4pm to 6pm. MORE INFO HERE